You don’t need a lot of special bonsai equipment to grow and maintain indoor bonsai trees and plants. The same bonsai tools can be used in trimming all types of bonsai.

Its not very hard to shape a tree into an exact miniature tree! If you have the proper tools to do it with. Without the proper tools or equipment you can damage roots, branches and impair the proper growth of a plant. There are tools for every hobby or craft and growing bonsai trees is no exception.

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If this is a hobby that you are going to take seriously the bonsai equipment above is essential. If you are interested in making your own bonsai tree, garden tools won’t work you need bonsai tools made for a particular purpose. In short the right tool for the right job. To save money you can always buy a bonsai tool kit.

When ready to transplant your re-pot your bonsai a good root hook is needed help loosen soil and comb out roots. This tool is also good for roughing up compact soil for aeration. Some enthusiasts like a double ended root rake: It does everything a hook does but has a spatula at the other end. This is used to help tamp soil around the base of the plant or free up soil at the edge of a pot when transplanting.

I think angle cutters are the most useful of all the bonsai tools you use. They are used to shorten and remove branches. I use large angle cutters for the heavier or thicker branches.

Concave Cutters are designed to take a concave bite out of the trunk when removing branches or limbs which results in the tree healing with very little scaring. Knob Cutters are similar but with a straight-away, rounded shape. Perfect for branch cutting and root pruning

Trunk splitters allow you to easily cut a trunk or branch along the grain with precision and ease.

Jin Pliers are a very specific tool used to peel back bark to create a natural look of aging on trees.

Satsuki shears have a long narrow body for trimming buds and reaching deep with minimum disturbance to the surrounding foliage. The finger rings of this bonsai tool are also well suited for smaller hands. This is one of the most basic tools you will need. The main importance of quality shears is the sharp edge, either wise you could tear the cut and damage the tree. Wide handled shears are used for root and general trimming, narrow ones for more delicate work. Long narrow blades are spring loaded and used to make cuts in awkward places. These tools are not for cutting bonsai wire. You should purchase proper wire cutters for this job.

Wire for shaping tree trunks and branches.

The purpose of training wire is to change the direction or shape of that part of the tree. The wire is wrapped and then the trunk or branch is gently bent to the desired shape or position. Whether or not you use copper or aluminum wire you should not cut wire with anything else. This tool comes in two sizes and is designed to allow wire to be cut away from your Bonsai tree without over-biting into the tree itself.

Bonsai Tools beginners need to buy sooner or later

As your hobby progresses you may decide to add knob cutters, branch benders, wire holders and different kinds of scissors for doing different types of cuts. Professionals that really get into this art form usually add angle grinders for carving, machines for fine curving and clamps. This are not really needed but they do special jobs very neatly, you will not use them all that often either.

Branch benders will be needed to slowly bend thicker branches. This is the only bonsai tool that you should use for shaping branches and trunks.
Grafting tape serves multiple purposes, its used as bandage to splint for broken/cracked branches or twigs. And it can also be used to hold the soil and roots for the root over rock design of styling.

Watering Tools For Bonsai Makes It Easier

Haws Watering Cans: This compact handy watering can store 1 pint of water, a perfect amount for a thorough watering of a bonsai tree. Watering can includes shower attachment. Shower nozzle gives you the ability to simulate the natural soft rain drops. Outdoor and indoor trees prefer better than top watering. Easy removable attachment allows for no spill watering of money trees and lucky bamboo arrangements.

A big challenge of any hobbyist is getting the watering right, and every Bonsai tool bag has a moisture meter in it to help them. Another big challenge is whether the lighting is appropriate for your specific variety of Bonsai, especially when grown indoors. The dual model is very easy to use because the probe is attached to the unit with a cord. this allows you to easily read the meter even when the pot. They come with complete instructions for testing moisture, lighting and a guide that includes over 150 plants.

When it comes time for shaping and trimming a small turntable makes the job a lot easier.

A bonsai Pot is of course are a tool that needs no explanation.
A tree root rake is a tool like a root hook. It separates small and medium sized capillary roots during transplanting and repotting.
For beginners or if buying a bonsai as a gift I recommend that you buy a tool kit. It really is the cheapest way to go to save money when needing bonsai tools.