Sitemap of Miniature Tress For Home Decor

Tiny, dwarf or just really small, you can can call these miniature trees anything you like. They are however some of the most interesting and unique small ornamental trees for landscaping or as plants for home decor. They are grown in containers or Chinese pottery to help you maintain the miniature size.

The four categories that you only need to be concerned with when viewing at the tree nursery are; indoor trees, outdoor deciduous (leaves fall off), outdoor evergreen and juniper trees. The indoor and outdoor deciduous trees each have flowering and fruiting trees included on each tree catalog page.
Small ornamental trees in miniature

Miniature outdoor trees are frequently used landscaping small gardens in the front yard near an entrance way, where you don’t have a lot of room for a garden. If you enjoy container growing you can use these trees and plants on the patio as specimen trees.

The pots they are grown in help you control the growing environment. Pine trees and juniper bonsai are exceptional ornamental trees for growing in containers on your patio or front deck.

Category pages for all types of bonsai

Individual specimen bonsai tress

Mini bonsai trees are not dwarf potted trees. Mini trees are, through the proper cultivation and care at the nursery are trees and plants grown in the Japanese tradition of bonsai. Miniature or tiny trees that you can grow yourself and display in your home for many many years. A mini bonsai trees doesn’t require all that much care through out the year as any other house plant.

Growing outdoor or indoor trees can be a very rewarding hobby for any gardener. For decorating a small space buying a mini trees will be one of your better home decor ideas. The most unique way I have seen these being displayed was at a wedding as a table centerpiece.

But how small do these tiny trees have to be to be classified as mini? I think mini trees and plants would be between 6 and 9 inches tall to be truly mini, any plant between 9 and 12 inches tall would be miniature in type and should still look like a full grown tree or plant.