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preserved trees

Preserved bonsai trees, no watering, no fuss, no mess

Preserved bonsai trees are the perfect indoor tree for the home which requires no watering, trimming or maintenance is required. With its timeless beauty evoking and a feeling of nature, this accent piece accommodates any office or home design setting. If you appreciate the art of bonsai but find you have no time to spend on one, this is an easy way to go green.

The preserved bonsai trees shown here are a one of a kind junipers and not an artificial tree, you won’t even know its not a real live tree. Use these ornamental trees as an accent on a fireplace mantle – not a wood burning type (too much heat), office desk, entertainment center, or bookshelf as a office decoration or home decor.

preserved bonsai tree
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…please note we show artificial bonsai as well as preserved trees – so please look closely to whether the tree is designated artificial or preserved. There is a difference artificial bonsai trees are made of silk and plastic combined.

Depending on your choice of bonsai tree, the height can range from 10 to 30 inches tall. The largest is a Kage style bonsai tree 6 feet tall which is a very unique and original one of a kind tree. Being so large this is an ideal shade tree for a covered patio. When buying preserved bonsai trees they come in beautiful glazed ceramic chinese pottery and are mounted in foam or sometimes resin. In addition to this the artificial bonsai can have a setting of polished river rock or stone and moss to make them look completely real.

Preserved bonsai trees as a house warming gift

If you are a realtor, consider giving preserved bonsai trees as a gift to the new home owners. A wonderful choice would be the monterey single trunk preserved bonsai tree that runs around $60. The single trunk and double trunk offered direct from the nursery are pictured above. Again, these trees are not silk or plastic but real actual juniper trees.

Many times people want to know how the bonsai tree was made preserved. Its a complex preservation process starting with trees grown from seeds and then shaped with bonsai wire, trimmed and shaped a few more times over a span of a few years. Most artists that create preserved bonsai trees will not give their secret of how they preserve these trees to be so life like and how they keep its original texture, color and fragrance. Just remember that when you buy a preserved tree, you are buying an actual live plant that has been preserved for life.