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Kitchen Table Plants That Flower and Produce Fruit

Lets add a couple of plants that fit right in with a kitchen theme. Not only will you be adding color in your kitchen, but the fruit from these kitchen table plants could actually be used in cooking.

When decorating any kitchen area its always best to stick to a certain theme. This principle also has to do with the type of plants you grow in your kitchen. I like using flowering and fruiting trees to add more color, these plants can still be evergreen. Best use of these plants is as a kitchen table centerpiece, or on a book case where you keep your recipe books. Most bonsai trees will not fit on a window ledge because they are normally too narrow, you would need about a 6 inch ledge.

Recommended kitchen table plants
The edible tangerine or mandarin orange tree has shiny evergreen leaves and really nice fragrant white flowers. Fruit and flowers appear over the course of a year, some times together. As indoor citrus trees go this is rated as very easy indoor care.

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  • Also known as Common Olive or European Olive. This plant has silvery leaves and white bark which gives it a very interesting look.
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The Mexican Lime plant or Bartender’s Lime has fruit that is is quite an interesting shape 1 -2″ globes, that yellows when ripe, but usually picked green. The fruit has a stronger aroma, and a thinner rind than that of the more common Persian Lime.

Information on both of these indoor tropical plants for the kitchen table can be found on our page about . They are easy to grow and produce flowers and fruit.

Other Plants For A Kitchen Table

One of our top picks for kitchen table plants is the sweet California meyer lemon tree. This plant always has something going on, either it is in fruit or flower and sometimes both. It thrives in nearly every climate, as long as it is brought indoors before freezing. Evergreen leaves with wonderful fragrant large size fruit.
Finally this olive tree plant, really does belong as a kitchen table plant. Whether its olive oil or an olive plant nothing belongs more in a kitchen setting than this one.

This unique indoor tree produces edible olives that is also used to make olive oil. To encourage fruiting, keep at 35F for several weeks during winter. Olea are often used as shade trees or planted in groves. Produces flowers on second year’s branch growth. Transplants best in summer. Tolerates poor soil, heat, drought and loves the sun. Excellent for indoors for adding color and one of the nicest plants to have on a kitchen table. After the kitchen see what you can do with