Old bonsai trees which are normally a one of a kind bonsai tree are a little more intricately pruned than regular or younger trees. They are normally anywhere from 7 years old all the way up to 50 years old for the very rare bonsai trees. Old one of a kind bonsai trees, if taken care of properly can and will outlive all of us.

A bonsai grown in perfect conditions keep growing for hundreds of years just like the giant redwoods in California. But because you trim branches and pinch buds you basically stunt the growth, but it will live just as long because of human intervention.

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Old Bonsai Trees

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These one of a kind aged bonsai trees are unique display specimen trees. When you order a tree from this category, you will receive the exact tree as pictured.

Very unique gift ideas. There evergreens, juniper, ginseng, boxwood and some flowering bonsai.

Caring for a older bonsai trees

Anyone can keep these one of a kind bonsai trees for over 50 years. The potential is there but you need expert knowledge to do it, the tree needs to be cared for very precisely and very meticulously.

On a daily basis the every need of the bonsai are met. Starting with the essentials of proper watering and sunlight exposure. Now this doesn’t mean you have to do anything but just make sure its ok where it is. Meaning no-one in the house has bumped it or left a window open nearby so that your tree is getting a draft. Temperature in the room must always be constant.

The branch structure on all old bonsai trees is checked and maintained on a regular basis, allowing branches to be removed if they are not quite right. New shoots are always allowed to grow so that they may benefit the future health of the tree. This careful and calculated care management keeps the older bonsai tree in a constant state of growth.

Just like any full-sized tree in your yard, it is genetically programmed by nature to achieve maturity and full height. The essential difference is: by preventing the bonsai from reaching maturity, you are preventing it from reaching old age and the troubles that go along with aging process.

When buying old unique bonsai trees you don’t want to trim or prune without proper bonsai tools. Spending a lot of money and time on a tree you don’t want to damage it. I have put together a small list that you really should consider if buying a old bonsai.

There is a specific bonsai tool for every specific activity and using the correct tool is the best way to get the correct results. Tools for the practice of bonsai have been around for as long as bonsai itself – thousands of years. So, it is not necessary, nor practical, for a beginner to purchase a complete set of bonsai tools. As your interest in bonsai cultivation grows, so should your collection of tools.

To Trim Old Bonsai Trees;you need proper tools

Consider a pair of shears as your first bonsai tool. They will enable you to keep your new bonsai neatly trimmed and styled. Bonsai shears are available in many quality grades and even a mid-level grade is relatively inexpensive and very easy to put to use.

Next as your interest in bonsai intensifies, and it undoubtedly will, you should seriously consider purchasing a concave branch cutter next. The concave branch cutter, much like shears is available here at nursery – in a number of quality grades and a couple different sizes. The main function or use of a concave branch cutter is to remove branches.

As its name suggests, the shape of the cut mark left on the trunk or branch is concave. When used properly, the concave branch cutter leaves a wound that is somewhat taller than it is wider and slightly concave; and this promotes the rapid and even healing of the wound, with very little scarring. The concave branch cutter is indispensable to bonsai and a great “next” tool. With each new bonsai you undertake, you will inevitably purchase the tool necessary to properly perform that task.