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Small Indoor Plants For The Living Room

Are you decorating your living room and want to add living color. Small indoor plants for the living room can do just that and still be very decorative. The living room plants that we recommend are these are the best house plants that come in very small sizes. Using evergreen or flowering trees as another avenue to add color to a room is a very interesting way to decorate. These small indoor plants are unique enough that you can use as a centerpiece on a coffee table, end table or sofa table. Sizes range anywhere from 6 inches to over 15 inches for the very tall indoor trees. Some of like indoor citrus trees not only produce flowers but fruit as well, all are easy to grow and don’t require much maintenance.

The indoor plants that grow well in living rooms can also be gown in poor lighting conditions like these low light plants. The only special care you need to be in control off is how much water they will need for healthy growth. Watering is the single most important part of growing bonsai trees.

When choosing an indoor tree for the home or any small house plant for the living room, decide first whether you want an evergreen or flowering type plant. Evergreen trees are nice because they don’t loose there leaves, but you are limited in color, dark green or light green foliage. Where flowering plants can add a lot of color during certain parts of the growing season, some though do flower throughout the year. Just read the product description closely to understand how and when the plant produces its flowers or fruit.

indoor plants for living roomIndoor Trees for Living Room
  • Some trees are flowering and fruiting
  • These trees will and color and texture to your room when decorating
  • Very easy to care for, with some being low light tolerant
  • All can be bought online at wholesale prices

If placing small indoor plants on a coffee table be sure to choose something that doesn’t grow too tall, maximum height shouldn’t be higher that say 11 inches. The reason for this is you want to be able serve and pass things around the centerpiece easily. Taller plants in the living room can be placed on any end tables or corner tables.

Other small indoor plants for decorating a living room.

Sometimes its not practical to have a living tree in this room because of poor lighting. Maybe you just don’t have time or want the fuss of a real tree to look after. The artificial bonsai trees and preserved trees below are just you you need.

indoor plants for living roomArtificial Bonsai Trees
  • Preserved trees are made out of Driftwood trunks and preserved foliage much like a florist preserves flowers
  • No watering or fuss. Ideal trees to use as a table centerpiece
  • All can be bought at wholesale prices
  • View Artificial Trees at Nursery

Most flowering are tropical or sub-tropical indoor house plants and trees. However, some grow best outdoors. When making your selection, please review the plants description to learn how your living room plant is classified. Generally speaking, all flowering trees require more light than evergreen plants in order to generate flowers and or fruit. If you like plants and flowers, you will love these flowering plants for the living room. Lasting longer than cut bouquets, and can bloom continuously. After this you can see what interesting colors you can have when choosing .

First indoor bonsai is recommended by the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens and is an excellent choice for living room coffee tables or end tables. Native to Japan, the Kingsville Boxwood is an extremely slow growing indoor tree, it has the smallest leaves of all Boxwoods. A Kingsville Boxwood is an evergreen tree with light green leaves and has excellent branching characteristics which makes it an ideal choice in decorating small spaces. Plus you can trim it into some very cool shapes, if you want a topiary tree for shaping.

We recommend that you only buy small house plants or trees at a recognized nursery that has a big online selection that you can view and purchase from. Bonsaiboy is our top pick and rated 5 out of 5 stars for healthy plants and offers the most care in shipping.

A Hawaiian umbrella tree is by far the most popular for in the home. The reason for this is because they are so easy to grow. For choosing other indoor house plants you should review the information on this page .