If you are going green a bamboo house plant in your home will make excellent room accent. They stay green and have an interesting design that works well in feng shui decorating. Lucky bamboo plants are said to bring good luck and fortune. Especially if were lucky enough to be given one as a housewarming gift.

Most potted bamboo plants you see are known as lucky bamboo. Bamboo plants are one of the most popular plants in offices and in homes. Lucky bamboo make excellent plant centerpieces for kitchen, living room and dining room tables. They are almost indestructible and don’t require a lot of maintenance.

Where To Buy Lucky Bamboo Plants

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The bamboo stalks of this arrangement are braided to form a shape of a pineapple. This variety of lucky bamboo produces larger, greener leaves at the tips. Arrangement measures 17 inches and is 20 inches tall. Arrives in a glass dish with natural river stones.


The plant arrangement arrives with rocks, vase, and care instructions.

Heavenly bamboo is quite different

heavenly bamboo plant
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– Does well indoors. Also known as sacred bamboo and is related to the barberry.

This tough as nails evergreen has fine lacy foliage which turns bronze and red in winter.
sacred bamboo plant
In spring new foliage appears as bright bronze and is soon followed by large creamy white flowers. In summer clusters of bright green berries appear and then ripen to a bright red.

When you buy bamboo plants from the nursery it will be shipped with the appropriate pot. If you want to buy something different that goes with your decor, wait at least one to two months. If you transplant too soon your plant will go into shock.

Meaning of Lucky Bamboo Stalk Numbers
2 lucky bamboo – represents love
3 lucky bamboo – represents happiness
5 lucky bamboo – conveys good health
6 lucky bamboo – more happiness
7 lucky bamboo – seven is always thought of a lucky number
8 lucky bamboo – In Asian culture, the number 8 conveys luck of wealth.
9 lucky bamboo – conveys good fortune
21 lucky bamboo – encompasses all (health, happiness, wealth, and fortune)

Select a pot or container that is shallow and wide for growing small indoor bamboo. Deep pots are not recommended for lucky bamboo. These decorative house plants have shallow roots that spread out. Water at the bottom is not absorbed by the roots, which over time will cause root rot.

General care for bamboo grown in pots

These are hardy plants so areas that receive indirect sunlight are ideal. See ourdracaena bonsai plant here. Rated as very good for growing in poor lighting conditions. Lucky bamboo stalks are also very popular plant party favors.

If repotting use a potting mix designed for these types of plants. If you are making your own mix equal parts of small rocks, gravel, sand and clay. Water needs to drain away.

Best Practice
Most hobbyists place a humidity drip tray underneath the container to provide a higher humidity level. Pour water in the tray at all times, which after evaporation, increases the humidity level.

Another important tip for caring for a lucky bamboo plant is to use filtered water. Watering frequency should be higher in summer than winter. Use your finger to press into soil about one inch to determine if it is dry.
For fertilizing use a water soluble, high nitrogen and low potash fertilizer. If necessary, prune leaves and cut the stem above the node.

If you notice your indoor plants yellowing, it is probably due to water, no fertilizer or not enough sunlight. Look around and you will be able to tell fairly quickly. Trim off the yellow tipped leaves and any stems.
High quality lucky bamboo plants are fairly expensive so take good care of them.