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Make A Bonsai Tree The Easy Way

How to make a bonsai tree is easier than you think. You can start a tree from seeds or buy a bonsai tree that has already been started for you. Starter trees or kits are the best way to make your own bonsai tree. You can always plant seeds at the same time you are doing this.

I like to think of growing your own bonsai as making a very long lasting memory. Starting one from seed is fun and interesting but takes a very long time. I think it is better to start with a starter kit that is already a few years old. It is a very quick way to make a bonsai tree, you can start other bonsai from seed at the same time, there is more information about bonsai seeds here.

Take the trees below they average around 7 years old and have been cultivated and grown right at the nursery, so you know you are getting a healthy tree to start you off. Price wise they are a cheap bonsai tree that you get to train and grow the way you want.

Starter kits to make your own bonsai tree

Everything is included to help and show you how to make a bonsai tree. Pots, wire, textured rock, drip tray and even the bonsai shears. It is a very good deal and a much easier way to start you off on this new hobby.

grow your own bonsai - juniper treeGrow your own bonsai for $59.95
this shimpaku juniper tree is 5 years old and 6.0 inches tall.

make your own bonsai tree - azalea bonsaiGrow your own bonsai for $79.95
This azalea bonsai tree is 7 years old and stands 9 inches tall.

how to make a bonsai tree - boxwood bonsaiboxwood bonsai $69.95
This japanese boxwood is a 9 year old tree and stands 6. inches tall.

All the trees above are rated best for beginners. Go here to learn more about other types of beginner bonsai or You can read more about a bonsai tree kit to see if that is what you need. The bonsai kit also includes these supplies – bonsai wire for shaping your tree. A high grade potting soil and a humidity drip tray. With the kit you will also receive separate instructions for training and maintenance in how to grow a bonsai tree. There is no substitute for buying a good bonsai book on how to grow a bonsai tree.

Are You Looking To Find A Hobby

For someone that is just looking for new hobby ideas or indoor hobbies that can help relieve stress, making your own bonsai can be very rewarding. How to make a bonsai tree is not that difficult if you start out with the right type of tree. The art of bonsai can be a very soothing activity to do and you may just find that is one of the best stress relieving products that you have found.

I know from my own experience in trying to find a hobby I wanted more than something to do. In the back of my own my mind I would like to make money at it in the future or at least have a chance to. This is a hobby that is ideal for beginners, the selection is big enough to keep your interest. Flowering trees, indoor trees that produce fruit, indoor tropical bonsai trees, and evergreens like juniper bonsai, grow them and then display in your home and sell them later.

How to grow a bonsai tree and keep it healthy

You can limit the size of all bonsai because they are grown in a pot were the growth of the tree is controlled. This is done by keeping it from growing to large of a root system and by shaping and pruning branches. You grow a bonsai tree in well drained soil and need to be watered and fed frequently. Repotting is done at certain times of the growing season just like other house plants that you would have. we have a section on tree and plant care. Outdoor bonsai that you would grow on a patio and Bonsai for beginners an indoor bonsai tree has slightly different requirements for growing healthy. You can get more information here on outdoor tree care, and indoor tree care.