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Flowering bonsai trees are all about producing colorful blossoms

Any flowering bonsai tree that produce flowers or fruit will add color to any room in your home or out on the patio. They are really good house plants for decorating the living room, kitchen or home office. Flowering bonsai also make very unique plant centerpieces for all coffee and dining tables.

There are many different kinds that produce flowers and fruit. Each tree comes with its own instructions on how to look after it. Generally, flowering bonsai trees require more light warmth and humidity to produce flowers all year long.

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Best choice in this category is the Fukien tea tree.

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Not only will they add color to a room, some blossoming trees even produce fruit.

Blossoms on live trees last longer than cut bouquets, and most plants will bloom continually though-out the year in warmer climate zones or indoors

You can't go wrong using these trees as one of the better table centerpiece ideas for the dining table or even as a wedding table centerpiece.

fukien bonsai tea tree
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Flowering Tea Tree

Main characteristics are its white flowers and tiny dark green leaves

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The older these bonsai trees get the more valuable they become. Price 89.95 Tree is 9 years old and stands about 10 inches tall. Best Choice as a plant centerpiece.


flowering bonsai tree - chinese perfume bonsai tree
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Tree shown here is a flowering bonsai tree that is 11 years old and stands 19 inches tall.

The Perfume tree is a rare member of the mahogany family.

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Looks kind of like an Orange Jasmine bonsai. It is lemon scented, produces small yellow flowers which are lemon scented which is why it is sometimes called Mock Lemon.

 Aglaia has many medicinal uses: orodine and ororinol obtained from this plant has cancer chemo preventative activity. It is rated as an easy to grow flowering indoor tree.

Just about all of these flowering trees and plants can be kept outside if the temperature stays above 50 degrees.

One of my favorite decorating ideas for the my home is to use flowering bonsai trees and plants as home accents to create a unique table centerpiece. On the following pages we have added information and other ideas to hopefully help you do the same:

The Natal Plum is a semi-tropical evergreen, bearing fragrant, star-shaped white flowers and, following pollination, dark red edible plum-shaped fruit. This bonsai is classified as easy indoor care.

A dwarf Pomegranate is a Sub-tropical deciduous tree grown for its brilliant orange-red trumpet-like flowers followed in fall by ornamental, small orange-red fruits. This tree has dark green leaves with shades of bronze.

Favorite outdoor flowering bonsai trees for sale

flowering andromeda tree

This flowering ornamental has beautiful white spring flowers each of which is set in a white calyx and together form a cascade of fragrant bells. Unique evergreen variegated foliage. Keep outdoors on a deck or patio.

Japanese Flowering Quince Tree has a rare combination of red, white and pink flowers compose a rare floral display in late winter and throughout early spring. Prized in Japan for bonsai, jam making and for its large colorful blooms.

Tree and plant care in brief:

Indoor bonsai tree care for plants grown or kept indoors, spray and mist your bonsai off regularly. This procedure will help to remove all dust and debris from the bottoms and tops of leaves, allowing your bonsai to breathe freely and to continue its photosynthetic processes.

Because outdoor bonsai kept under a covered patio you will need to  water your tree on a regular basis.   Water should be applied until it begins running out of the holes in the bottom of your pot. Soaking and spraying should be done in a soft manner so you don't disturb the soil this is the same as indoor trees.

Since your bonsai is growing in such a small amount of soil you have to fertilize it. Any general-purpose liquid fertilizer will do fine and is available at most garden centers. Fertilizer should be applied at least once a month and used at half strength except (during growing season) not needed during the winter.

Most flowering bonsai trees are a slow to moderate growers, which means the tree does not need a lot of shaping or pruning to look good. Learn more here or get ideas on which types of beginner bonsai trees are best to buy as a gift or for starting out in a new hobby.

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