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Ficus Bonsai, There More Than Good House Plants

Ficus bonsai or are one of the better bonsai for beginners. Also for anyone wanting a trouble free plant for the home or office. Itís really good indoor bonsai tree that can handle poor lighting conditions and really warm rooms.

A Ficus plant is a tree that is native to the tropics and even into the semi-warm temperature zones. This means that itís a tree that comes from warm environments and thrives in these conditions.

Many people buy ficus bonsai  because they are low maintenance and ideal for displaying on coffee table or dining table as a table centerpiece. This popular indoor bonsai is recommended for decorating a home or office and does well in low to high lighting conditions. 

One of the more interesting ficus plants is a braided ficus twist which is actually two ficus bonsai trees braided together at they grow.

tall 17 inch ficus bonsai

ficus orientalis

Ficus Bonsai Sale

This tree has leaves that are a lighter shade of green. Shaped for easy trimming.

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This a very nice tall plant with broad leaves.  This evergreen plant is recommended for indoors and is very easy to maintain.

Exposed roots growing over a textured rock.  Its a good display tree to use for beginners.

Unique looking Bonsai Trees

Probably one of the most interesting features of a ginseng ficus tree is the root system. You can see from the ginseng ficus bonsai trees below that they are quite thick and twisted. Not quite as twisted braided ficus tree its also known as ficus retusa or banyan fig.

As with all bonsai age has a lot to do with the price. The older a bonsai tree gets, the higher in value it becomes. All of the specimen bonsai for sale below are over 15 years old and have heavy trunks with exposed aerial roots.

Price 99.95
Does very well in low to high lighting conditions.

7 year old Green Emerald ficus

Has oval to roundish dark green shiny leaves. Will forms rosettes at the end of its branches if kept trimmed.

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  Easily develops aerial roots when kept humid. Different than other Ficus varieties in that the leaves are much thicker.  This one would make a nice table centerpiece.

You can buy other Japanese pottery to match your home decor but I would wait until the tree has acclimatized to your home after shipping.

exrta large taiwan ficus tree
23 years old and measures 20 inches tall.

Extra large Ficus

This is an extra large taiwan ficus or banyan fig.

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Unique feature is the reddish bark dotted with small horizontal flecks, similar to tiger-like markings.

Potted in an 11 inch brown mica container. The top of the plant as you can see is quite compact and a nice dark green color.


The popular feature of a ginseng bonsai of course are the small dark oval green leaves which alternate up the stem more so than a Benjamina. Reddish grey bark is dotted with small horizontal flecks, that give is a sort of tiger like marking. Another good one is the green island ficus tree.

ficus bonsai tree on sale

ficus orientalis

Ficus Bonsai On Sale

Price is only $59.95

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Decorative rocks, a well to hold water and a ceramic bridge. What more could you want in a plant arrangement. Except maybe the figurine completes this restful landscape.

Ficus Bonsai Tree Care

Like other indoor bonsai, watering is an important issue when growing ficus retusa bonsai. While this tree is pretty forgiving about its watering requirements, it doesn't like being over watered.  You should let the soil dry out between watering.

An easy way to check for dry soil is by simply sticking your finger into the dirt. If itís dry ( hopefully not powder dry) then water it gently. Donít overwater this tree.

Any ficus plant can get stressed out very easily when it comes to different air temperature and levels of humidity. If you can, keep your Ficus in a room that has even temperature all the time it will grow better. Only move it if the temperature becomes too extreme.

You can tell if your bonsai is under stress if the leaves start to fall off. If this happens just make sure that your tree moved to an area that has even room temperatures and keep watering and fertilizing as normal.

Ficus bonsai are a tropical tree so you will need to keep the humidity of the tree up. Air inside a house tends to be quite dry due to air conditioners and other human activity.

Many people place a bowl or tray of water under the tree (not so the pot is sitting in the water mind you) as this creates a nice humidity level near your tree. Otherwise you can simply get a misting spray bottle and spray the ficus tree twice a day in very hot weather.

The best way to grow ficus bonsai trees in any room is to provide  a humidity drip tray, which is always recommended when you buy bonsai trees. Humidity is important or you might find that the leaves become waxy and fall off. This happens to be one of the reasons you will like the ficus houseplant above, it has it own water bowl.

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