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Dining room table plants: size is everything

Bonsai plants for the dining room, especially for the dining room table are a little trickier to buy. The reason for this is the lighting conditions and the size of the tree or plant is very important.

Dining rooms are usually decorated with more of a formal look, with the dining room table normally made of wood. Because of where these rooms are situated sometimes they don’t have as much natural light coming in through the windows. This is usually from where the windows are situated and the type of curtains and blinds that where used in decorating. If this is the case in your home, I would highly recommend that you buy low light indoor plants to place in this room.

The size will be dependent on where you are going to display this small ornamental indoor tree. If its a dining room table plant then you want a mini tree no taller than 11 inches in the pot, if for a corner you can buy a plant that grows a little taller anywhere around 15 inches tall. This is why you need to pay particular attention to the description of the plants size before you buy it. The proper proportions to the size of your table is also a high priority, most feng shui trees and plants will be between 9 and 11 inches tall, some come with their own decorative arrangements.

By far the best house plants to decorate with, in a dining room, living room or kitchen

dining room plants
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  • Pictured first is a Firebush that produces red-orange flowers from late spring until the first frost and the bright red flowers attract hummingbirds and butterflies. Song birds also like to feed on the berries. This is one that can be grown outdoors or indoors.Also known as Common Olive or European Olive. This plant has silvery leaves and white bark which gives it a very interesting look.

Now you need to think in terms of decorating a dining room. Color is going to be the most important consideration here, you want the leaf color to co-ordinate with furniture and wall colors. Really you only have two choices dark green and light green but even so, your choice is important. If you are looking to add color they you can buy a tropical house plant.

Ideas for Choosing a Plants For A Dining Room

Please pay close attention to the product descriptions before you add it to your shopping cart, you need to know whether it grows better outdoors or indoors. All indoor trees can be grown outside if its warm enough, but not all outdoor trees can be grown inside.

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  • Recommended for decorating is the money tree, ficus ginseng, Hawaiian umbrella tree, sago palm or a brush cherry, all have interesting shapes and colors.
  • The group of house plants and indoor trees on this page are classified as the easiest of all to grow and maintain.
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The indoor house plants shown on this page are all flowering varieties and ideal to use as feng shui house plants. Most are tropical or sub-tropical, however, some are outdoor trees. When making your selection, please review the tree description and features copy to learn how your tree is classified as to where it would grow best. Other popular choices on this page are fukien tea trees, brazillian rain tree and green emerald ficus. Generally speaking, all flowering trees require more light than non-flowering trees in order to generate flowers and/or fruit. If you like flowers, you will love these blooming continually they last longer than cut bouquets and add color to your decor. All of these indoor house plants are ideal as plants for the dining room table as a centerpiece.

indoor plants for dining roomArtificial Bonsai Trees
  • Preserved trees are made out of Driftwood trunks and preserved foliage much like a florist preserves flowers
  • No watering or fuss. Ideal trees to use as a table centerpiece
  • All can be bought at wholesale prices
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Now that you have a better idea of what type of plants for the dining room table to buy, some consideration must be given to the plant pot that you are going to grow it in. All trees and plants you buy from the nursery come in a Japanese pottery. These may or may not match with your other home decor accessories. This is an easiest enough thing to cheaply replace, review information on where to buy bonsai pots here. Also at this point you also need to consider a humidity drip tray and you will also want to have a decorative plant stand to go with it. These are all needed if you are using your plant on a dining room table as a centerpiece. We also have ideas on and . If you have a very large dining room you may want to have a larger arrangement like a tree forest group, these come in 3, 5 and 7 tree groupings.