Bonsai tree kit – everything you need to make your own display

The trees that are included in your bonsai tree kit are approximately three years old and come in a glazed ceramic bonsai pots, the size is ideal for training and shaping.

As you can see in the picture below the tree is a little bigger than what most people would consider a seedling or starter tree. The kits with starter trees that we have chosen are the easiest to grow indoors and can tolerate many adverse conditions. You still need to prune these trees, the only difference is the shape has already been done by the grower at the nursery.

Everything you need to create your own bonsai tree. Starter kits include the following: a glazed ceramic bonsai pot. The tree of course, age will depend on the type of tree you choose, juniper, boxwood or azalea, normally between 3 to 8 years old.

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  • You get the training wire, soil, decorative rocks, small figurines and of course the pot
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Annealed training wire so you can shape the trunk and branches. Multi-colored textured rock and decorative pebbles for the soil so you can dress it up a little. Humidity drip tray to hold water and control the climate around your tree. Bonsai shears and a book on tips for taking training and proper care.

Japanese Juniper Starter Bonsai kit includes these supplies:

  • Annealed copper training wire for shaping a tree
  • Bonsai tree potting soil (conifer mix) and humidity/drip tray.
  • Multi-colored textured rock and a ceramic miniature figurine for decorating the tree in its pot.
  • Separate typewritten bonsai instructions for potting, training and proper maintenance of your juniper tree.

Its quite possible that you may have been looking for a bigger tree or an indoor bonsai tree. There are trees that you can purchase direct from the nursery that you could grow and have most of the work done for you. Or starter trees that have not been trimmed to any particular shape like these pre bonsai trees. Go here if you want to know how to make a bonsai tree from other varieties.

How To Make A Bonsai

Beginners and students often share the same concern, about growing and maintaining a healthy plant from a kit. Your main goal is to control the amount of stress that your plant will take and still remain healthy. It comes down to too much or too little when it applies to all aspects to Bonsai culture, including air, water, soil, sun, nutrients, temperature, altitude and pruning.

Anyone wanting to make a bonsai tree from a supply kit successfully, must have patience and a willingness to experiment and then accept the results. I don’t mean buying a bunch of books, it has more to do with learning as you go and not being afraid to try something different to give your bonsai your own personal touch.

The growth process takes time, and there are no shortcuts. It is easier than you think to grow a healthy plant from a bonsai tree kit and have it for many many years. If you want to have the bonsai experience and not wait for that length of time have a look at the beginner bonsai trees and plants on this page or start over and read more on all the different types of bonsai trees for sale.