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Beginner Bonsai trees for sale - get started on your new hobby

Kits and Starter trees for beginners 

Beginner bonsai trees are the easiest to grow and maintain which makes them best for learning this art form. If shaping your own design is  something you want to try early on, there are bonsai below recommended just for this.

Many people new to this hobby, like to buy a fully formed tree, others buy a bonsai tree kit to do it themselves. To start a collection or as your first bonsai to teach yourself this art form, I recommend this cascading juniper bonsai tree with a simple shape.

juniper bonsai for beginners
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Recommended Trees

 These can be grown outdoors or indoors.

juniper bonsai

Junipers really are outdoor trees but can be grown indoors. If you give a dormant period.

trees for beginners

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Japanese Boxwood  

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Boxwood are recommended for beginners by the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens as the most interesting and easy to shape is a boxwood bonsai tree. Kits come with everything you need.


fukien tea tree for beginners
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Fukien Tea Bonsai Tree

 The flowers turn into red berries that turn darker with age.

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Tree shown here is 9 years old and stands about 10 inches tall.

Each has its own benefits! If you buy a complete package you do get everything but are limited to the type of tree. Buying individually means you can get what you want and try shaping with the proper tools, when you are ready.

If you are unsure what bonsai tree you should buy take your time. First consider whether you want an indoor bonsai tree or an outdoor tree. I feel all beginners should start with indoor trees, they can be grown inside or outside. Outdoor bonsai need a little more specialized winter or seasonal care.

With kits you get a tree that has been started for you and all you need to do is shape it. These are called pre-bonsai trees and are a very good choice to start with.  Everything the novice needs to create their own bonsai tree. Starter kits include the following:

  • a glazed ceramic bonsai pot.
  • your choice of a juniper, boxwood or azalea
  • Training wire so you can shape the trunk and branches.
  •  Humidity drip tray to hold water and control the climate around your tree.
  • Bonsai shears and a book on tips
  • popular gifts to give someone is to buy a pre bonsai tree or starter bonsai in a kit

If you are thinking that you want a house plant instead of a tree we have more information here on low light house plants for beginners. These bonsai trees for beginners do not require natural light from a window and will do very well on a desktop, shelf or table.

As a unique gift idea you could find a bonsai tree on sale that is the same age as the person you are giving the gift to. One of the most .

Are bonsai hard to shape?

You will probably find like all beginners, shaping is the hardest part, don't get carried away with trimming and pruning.  They are miniature trees but in a bonsai style. When you are shaping a tree your goal is to end up with something that looks like a full grown tree.

The object of this art form is to have the tree and the pot form a single harmonious unit where the shape, texture and color of one compliments the other. 

Every branch and twig of your bonsai is shaped or eliminated until the chosen image is achieved. Once this shape has formed, you only need to maintain the shape or as time goes by to improve on it. 

The top view should enable you to see down through the foliage to make sure the branches are not covering each other completely and it should also have a few roots showing.

As a beginner you will need a few basic bonsai tools for cutting and shaping your miniature tree. Go to this page to find out exactly what tools and supplies are available. Just buy what you need, you can add to your tool collection later.

If you have trouble growing indoor plants and trees, I highly recommend a book on bonsai care called the Indoor Bonsai by Paul Lesneiwicz. It offers ideas and instructions on how to care for the indoor plant. Its easy to understand and shows you which tools are needed for each step.








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