These artificial bonsai for sale look like real bonsai trees in shape and beauty. Artificial bonsai trees really are stunning and wonderfully unique trees and plants for home decor. If you are decorating your home or office they are perfect for bookcases and other shelving units as beautifully sculpted artwork. They should also not be confused with a preserved bonsai trees.

Neither plastic nor silk, this preserved bonsai tree has real foliage and a real wooden trunk that was carefully handcrafted and preserved to protect its natural fragrance, color and texture indefinitely.

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Preserved bonsai, cost a bit more than than a artificial bonsai, but its worth it if you want quality and a natural looking tree.   Preserved trees are made out of driftwood trunks and preserved foliage much like a florist preserves flowers. Many people choose this type for an oriental garden to create a peaceful feng shui atmosphere.  Rated best trees and plants for decorating a home or office when you have little or no time to look after live plants. The biggest appeal of the preserved bonsai tree is, of course, its low maintenance. All an owner has to do is to dust the tree to keep it from becoming dusty, take it in yearly or biyearly to experts to have the tree treated for potential fungal and/or bacterial growth.

Displays should be kept away from  strong sunlight or rain if kept outside on a deck. This could cause damage to the material that was used to make them. It’s better to place it out of direct sunlight as the bright color of the foliage can fade with time.

Wire Tree Sculptures and Artificial Plants In Home Decor

The difference between the the preserved or artificial bonsai and a wire tree is of course how they are made. One starting with a real bonsai and the other with manufactured wire. Wire trees are better classified as artwork and preserved as an artificial plant. To someone looking at a preserved bonsai, its very hard to tell the difference between live or preserved tree. The reason the preserved bonsai tree looks so real is that it was growing at one time. That means these trees are grown as live trees, trimmed and then using a special process, preserved to retain their original texture, color, and fragrance.

wire tree sculpture
As a living bonsai tree a ficus is one of the most popular trees to grow and as an artificial tree its equally as popular.

Sometimes it may be difficult to grow live ones in your area, so an artificial tree or fake plant is a wonderful alternative. Preserved artificial plants for home decor are neither plastic nor silk. they are real live trees that was carefully crafted and preserved to protect the natural fragrance, color and texture indefinitely.

Stunning and wonderfully crafted artificial pine trees are a combination of collected and preserved tree trunks. Perfect for bookcases, mantels, entertainment centers or anywhere you would like to use plants for home decor. No watering, trimming or maintenance is required for these house plants. With its timeless beauty evoking a feeling of nature, this accent piece accommodates any styled home decor setting, contemporary and modern.

Wire tree sculptures are more like art than plants

This is a very beautiful tree sculpture for decorating an office with a very professional look. It also adds to a formal living room or dining room when we are looking for a unique display item to show off.

The tree sculpture is bonded onto its base, which is a Chinese painted ceramic lotus bowl, using sea sand. Since the bond is made onto a porous material, a water soluble glue is used and therefore, the tree sculpture should never be placed in a dishwasher. Clean your artificial bonsai tree with a damp, soft, lint-free cloth.

As a house warming gift, wedding gift or corporate gift, preserved bonsai and artificial bonsai are an excellent choice to present to someone. Its also one that you can be sure no else has thought of.