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You only need one bonsai tree to start this indoor hobby

Growing bonsai as an indoor hobby is one best stress relieving activities a person can do. Just learning the Chinese or Japanese art of bonsai is an ideal activity for anyone looking for an indoor hobby to help them relax. Only buy bonsai trees for sale at a qualified nursery.

Most people begin by growing a ficus tree or juniper bonsai, normally because they have been given one as a gift. These tiny trees are Ideal for decorating small spaces in your home or office. Outdoor bonsai are best used as ornamental display trees on your patio.

Japanese bonsai trees for sale

Indoor Bonsai For Sale

This selection of "indoor bonsai" grow well inside or outside. If temperatures remain above 50 degrees F.

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Flowering Bonsai For Sale

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The trees in this category are all flowering. Most are tropical or sub-tropical indoor bonsai. Some are grown only outdoors, when making your selection, please review the description.

Beginner bonsai trees for sale

As soon as you discover how very easy and enjoyable bonsai are, your collection will start to grow. To start a collection of trees, many growers recommend ficus trees and junipers as a first choice. My personal choice has always been a Chinese elm bonsai or a Hawaiian umbrella  tree, because they don't require as much natural sunlight and do well in poor lighting areas.

bonsai trees for beginners

Here you can find more information for beginners

information for beginners

 Make your own, start from seeds or buy one that has been shape for you.

Very popular bonsai are  Fukien tea trees, these are used quite frequently in decorating, as a plant centerpieces for kitchen and dining room tables. Junipers and boxwood trees are best for beginners, they are easy to shape into your own unique style.

As a beginner I started with a cascading juniper bonsai, they are easy to care for and prune.  I found a Juniper bonsai on sale from an online nursery that had a shape already started for me.  After awhile I became more interested in indoor bonsai, especially flowering plants, because of the beauty of their blossoms. I was also quite interested in feng shui and how it related to plants and trees in the home.

Buying a Japanese bonsai tree as a beginner and learning to shape the tree properly, was easier than I thought. The  nursery that I purchased mine from had an entire selection on trees for beginners. I am now starting to take my own cuttings and learning how to grow my own, it was easier than starting with seeds.I now sell my bonsai at garage sales.

 Always buy, bonsai from a nursery that specializes in shipping, growing and shaping miniature trees. Big online stores that offer bonsai trees for sale don't have the same quality trees or the information about proper care.

  • If you don't have a suitable place to grow bonsai outdoors, buy a tree specifically recommended for indoors. The most popular is Hawaiian umbrella  tree which have tiny umbrella shaped leaves or a Brazilian rain tree which has leaves that fold up at night, which looks very cool.

  • You can always find a tree on sale, but should be more concerned with the quality and type of tree you want. Just because a tree is older or classified as one of a kind, that doesn't mean its harder to grow. Read more information about specimen bonsai trees.

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