Bonsai trees for sale, buy a pre bonsai or one that is already shaped for you. Customers are finding this indoor hobby as one best stress relieving activities a person have. People find learning this Chinese and Japanese art form of shaping live trees and plants is rewarding. It’s also considered to be an ideal activity for anyone with an interest in unique looking house plants. Customers also find these tiny trees are ideal for decorating small spaces in your home or office.

Can All Bonsai Trees For Sale Kept Indoors? Yes and No
Tropical bonsai should only be grown indoors. Other types like junipers can be grown inside if kept cool and not too warm. These do need sunshine from a window and a dormant period. Discover how easy it is to grow live bonsai and your collection will start to grow.

To start an indoor garden of trees, we recommend indoor plants, flowering or evergreen as a first choice. Some evergreens are meant only to be grown outside.

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There are only two choices outdoor or indoor. Within in these choices, there are evergreen, deciduous, flowering and or fruiting trees. Most first time growers look to purchase bonsai trees for sale in a kit. Normally these are a ficus plant or juniper. A big reason is because they are so easy to grow and take care of. My personal choice has always been a Chinese elm bonsai or a Hawaiian umbrella tree. These tiny trees do not require as much natural sunlight as other Japanese bonsai and do well in poor lighting areas.

Its always best to purchase from an established nursery supplying all types trees and supplies online. Big online stores that offer bonsai trees for sale don’t seem to have the same quality or the information about tree care.

Beginners Bonsai Trees For Sale

As beginners most people start with a cascading juniper tree. I was told in the beginning they were easy to care for and shape. Find a tree on sale from an online nursery that has the shape already started. This is called a pre-bonsai tree. Buying a Japanese bonsai tree for beginners and learning to shape it properly, was easier than I thought.

For me I became interested mainly in tiny indoor trees, especially flowering bonsai plants, because of their beautiful blossoms. If interested in feng shui decorating these are ideal specimens.

Its fun to take cuttings and teach yourself how to grow on your own. It’s also easier and faster than starting from seeds. Although I still on occasion start seeds to grow. I now sell my specimens at garage sales.

The most popular tree to buy for the home is a, Fukien tea tree. These are used quite frequently in decorating, as a plant centerpiece for a kitchen or dining room table. Junipers and boxwood trees are considered best for beginners. These are easy to shape into a unique style that is your own and can be grown outdoors as well as indoors.

Very popular bonsai trees for sale are  flowering bonsai trees. Two popular bonsai trees for sale are the Hawaiian umbrella tree and Brazilian rain tree. The first has tiny umbrella shaped leaves and the rain tree which has leaves that fold up at night.

Small potted trees and plants should always be kept on a drip tray, they need the humidity.

Please note:

A common misconception about Bonsai trees is that they should be kept indoors. In fact, most Bonsai are placed outside, where they can experience the seasons just like normal trees. Only tropical and subtropical plants can survive in an indoor climate. Temperatures can be too high and unstable throughout the year. You can get around this by putting your tree outside for awhile. There are however many trees and plants that can be grown indoors.

These types plants are very unique and some are very old. You will want to display them in a prominent place in a room. Coffee tables and kitchen tables are good places to show them off. All of these small ornamental trees can be use for decorating your home and office. Just be mindful if you are buying a plant for the office and you have a lot of florescent lighting its best to purchase trees that do well in low light.

If you would rather start your own there are a few very easy trees to make your own bonsai tree. These plants are rated 5 out 5 stars for beginners because they are very easy to grow and low maintenance.

Customers can find bonsai trees for sale at a discount, but should be more concerned with the quality and type of tree you want. Just because a tree is older or classified as one of a kind, that doesn’t mean its harder to grow. Read more information about specimen bonsai trees.

A popular trend for offices is to buy preserved bonsai trees, these are not fake or artificial plants but real trees that are preserved in the Japanese style of bonsai.